Vista Ventures, LLC is a management consulting and investment advisory firm that was founded by Bill Harrington in 1998.

Founder.  Mr. Harrington has almost thirty years of experience in business development including work in various countries including Angola, Argentina, Bolivia, Bosnia, Honduras, India, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Paraguay, Peru, and the Philippines.

Mr. Harrington has provided advice and consulting services to numerous start-up and early stage companies, particularly in commercialization of renewable energy technologies.  He has consulted widely and provided training programs on capital attraction and governance as well as other topics in microfinance.  He has evaluated investment candidates and negotiated terms with microfinance institutions and operating companies.  He has authored and published papers on valuation, business planning and the role of foreign investment in microfinance.  He is an investor in social impact companies with a focus on India, Africa, and Central America as well as innovative technologies in the US.

Much of Mr. Harrington’s microfinance work was conducted on behalf of MEDA, a leading international NGO with almost sixty years of experience in economic development in developing countries.  From 1990 to 1998, Mr. Harrington was with the Ben Franklin Technology Partners, an innovative public-private partnership which focuses on developing early stage companies with promising technologies.  When he left, Mr. Harrington was executive vice president and oversaw investments in a portfolio of over 200 companies through five investment funds.

Mr. Harrington is a graduate of Lafayette College with a BS in mechanical engineering.  He has a master’s degree in city planning from the University of Pennsylvania.  He regularly serves as a judge of the business plan competition at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and is conversant in Spanish.  He is a member of the investment committee of the Patient Capital Collaborative.  His profile is available in LinkedIn.

Team.  Vista Ventures, LLC relies on a team of highly skilled consultants to assist in its various activities.  Team members have included:

  • Mary Chaffin, a highly successful attorney with a specialty in microfinance.  Ms. Chaffin was general counsel to Mercy Corps and is currently general counsel of Acción International.
  • Don Darnell, a business consultant and electrical engineer with lengthy experience with start-up companies.  Mr. Darnell worked considerably with companies in helping them to attract outside investment and improving their business strategy.  He has an MBA from the Wharton School.
  • Richard Genzer, also a business consultant and engineer, has considerable expertise in marketing strategies for early stage companies.
  • Dan Hillman is an entrepreneur, consultant and sales executive in the petroleum and environmental services industries.  After selling his own start-up company, his has provided assistance to a number of early stage companies in strategy and capital-raising.
  • Katharine Lauer is a prominent attorney in Berkeley, CA, who specializes in regulation and supervision of the microfinance industry in various parts of the world.  She has published extensively on existing practices and needed reforms in the industry.
  • Hope Wohl, is a graduate of the Wharton MBA program who has considerable experience with early stage health care and pharmaceutical companies.  Since leaving Vista Ventures, she has headed a leading cancer advocacy organization.
  • Rheem Yared is a consultant and strategist for early stage companies in the Boston area.  She has also consulted with several Fortune 1000 companies and has recently started her own firm.

Mailing address.  

Vista Ventures, LLC

327 Calvert Road

Merion Station, PA  19066    USA

Photo creditsThe photos appearing on the website were taken by Bill Harrington in Accra, Ghana, Rajasthan, India, and Tarapoto, Peru.  

Vista Ventures, LLC is an independent consulting firm and is not affiliated with a broker-dealer as defined under US securities laws.  

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