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Social Enterprises in East Africa

Vista Ventures Social Impact Fund seeks quality social enterprises in East Africa for a possible investment.  We seek early stage companies that wish to raise from US$100,000 to US$250,000 or more to expand their business.  Our investment in qualifying enterprises would be only a part of that amount but we will help to identify other accredited investors to complete the investment round.

Social enterprises are for-profit companies that have a significant social impact by either providing employment for the poor or another benefit that improves their quality of life (e.g., lighting for off-grid households, clean water, better healthcare, improved inputs or market knowledge for smallholder farmers, etc).  By early stage, we expect that applicant companies have some revenues from customers but may not yet be profitable.  Seed or concept stage (i.e., no revenues) companies will be considered.  We are looking for companies in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda or Rwanda (or other countries in exceptional cases).

Management of investee companies are expected to exercise impeccable integrity and transparency in their personal and business lives.  In order to be considered for an investment, a company should provide:

  1. Business plan (or equivalent)
  2. Financial statements as of a recent date and as of 31 December, 2015, or the most recently ended fiscal year of the company
  3. Curriculum vitae of all key members of the management team

While the contents of the business plan may vary with the industry, a business plan is often includes an executive summary; description of the industry, company and its products; market research including analysis of competitors’ strengths and weaknesses; marketing and sales plan; summary of the management team; and financial forecasts.  More complete guidelines for the preparation of a business plan may be downloaded here.  We may visit companies in order to perform on-site due diligence prior to an investment.

Our evaluation of the investment opportunity will be based on our perception of the

  • Probability of commercial success
  • Breadth and depth of social and/or environmental impact

Please send the requested materials to Bill Harrington, Managing Director, Vista Ventures Social Impact Fund.  We prefer to co-invest with local individuals, funds or institutions where possible. We look forward to making several more investments as described above.

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